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What we do?

We are a fast growing company in central Finland

Our Core Business is to build Food Concepts for companies like restaurants and outdoor vendors,

How we do it?

You immagine it, we design it, you taste it

We have a consolidated format for creating new brands, that crosses all phases in a simplified way eliminating many extra costs.



We all love this

Gourmet Street Food wants to be your trusted supplier of your restaurant for those particular hard to find products as well as disposable products.

  • Gourmet Food

  • Generic disposables

  • Custom disposables


Every step you take

Our company builds gourmet food concepts that are designed for dynamic vendors (street food fairs, festivals or local food stalls/food trucks) or as real restaurants. We are available for consulting in building your unique brand

  • Concept

  • Design & Brand Identity

  • Structure

  • Resources

  • Legal aspects

  • Social Media: