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We are…

...building brands

When Wael, the CEO, first talked to us about Gourmet Street Food we where puzzled arguing that it would be either “gourmet” or “street food”, Wael then asked us: Why? It was then that the picture became clear: we have to bring gourmet food to the streets, we had to break this elitarian barrier and have everyone benefits by the excellence.

...creating experiences

Marlena, the COO, is a well travelled woman with a poliedric academic backgound, she revolutionized the the standard Knowledge-Skills-Attributes (KSA) into (KESA) introducing the (E)xperience into the paradigm

...growing fast

Our company is one of the fastest growing in our region and Sara Kraft, our Office Manager “Krafts” solutions to optimize our working process. Last year we participated to the Street Food Fiesta with only one concept: The Big Fat Greek Gyros , we have consolidated this format and we duplicated it several times; Gourmet Street Food is now participating to the Street Food Fiesta with 11 different concepts.

...establishing relationships

When it comes to money, Ioannis Gavras, our Sales Manager says it is reductive to narrow it down to commerce, he likes to build trust relationships with our suppliers and customers, flexibility is a key factor to achieve a strong relationship.

...a bit dandy

Art Director, Bruno Marone, is a geographical modied designer, who speaks 6 languages. Bruno says that culture plays a big key role in designing concepts that work and this is why, when designing a brand, we have to feel like tourists in our own city and locals in a foreign country.
Attention to detail is crucial; everything, from the uniform to the packaging, must fit the concept without flaws.

...what we eat

Petri Laurimaa, is a quality freak in charge of ensuring the excellence that we are delivering. His extensive research for the right suppliers, his coaching to our chefs and his wide knowledge of food from all around the world secures our pledge for quality.


What makes us a happy company? Pehaps the fact that we are in Finland, a country that a recent UN report recognized as the happiest country in the world, perhaps because our multicultural office is populated by professionals that love our friendly atmosphere and have a weakness for good food and easthetics or simply because we were friends before becoming collegues.


When building a Brand the whole office gathers in a brainstorming session, our HQ becomes the cradle of the concept where all departments discuss all aspects of the branding process.

At the office. coffee and choccolate cakes are our nourishment ensuring the quantity of caffeine and nutrients called flavanols, which dilate vessels and increase blood flow to the brain allowing us to be more creative.At this point our discussions are passionate and you can breathe the birth of a new Brand.


when selecting our suppliers,  we choose them also by looking at how they are  promoting equality, fair labour practices and ultimately alternative/ethical economic conditions.
We strongly believe that a happy employee will benefit our company so we are comitted to give “our family” the best working conditions we can afford.